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» Andrew Property Winter Access Road

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Project Brief

Yukon Engineering Services Inc. was responsible for the route selection for the winter road, surveying, and for managing construction.  During the late 1960’s there was a trail leading directly to the site, but had long since been abandoned.  Locating this route, form air photos and aerial investigations YES was able to determine the suitability of utilizing the old route, and by making required revisions to accommodate the present ground conditions and First Nations settlement lands, was able to make use of most of the existing route.  GPS survey support was provided during construction, as well as management of the project, and adjusting river crossing methods when ice conditions were not suitable for crossing. 

People Involved

Erik Nyland, P.Eng. - Project Manager
Audrey Boutet - Jr.  Project Engineer
Gordon Harvey - Project Surveyor

Prime Consultants

EBA Engineering - Permitting, Geotechnical, and Ice Bridge Testing

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In Loving Memory

Rob Harvey

1955 - 2007
A man with Vision and Innovative Ideas

"Whether you agreed or disagreed with him, Rob had a way of making you think."

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