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Project Brief

In 2000, Yukon Engineering Services was contracted for the design and construction management of the Chilkoot Centre lot. This lot would accommodate the future businesses of the Chilkoot Centre, Candian Tire and Marks Work Wearhouse.  The contract included water, sewer and storm service, shallow utilities, paved parking lot, sidewalks and all surface works. Y.E.S. completed the design for the lot and continued on to supervise and inspect construction until completion in 2006.

Scope of the Work

Design Services
Construction Management and Inspection
Quantity and Quality Control and Reporting
Utility Companies and Government Liaison
Contractor Phase Scheduling

People Involved

Project Engineer - John Granger P.Eng.
Project Design - Jerry Quaile
Project Drafting - Greg Cooper
Project Inspection - Jerry Quaile
Back-up Inspection - Tony Gaw

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